Today I am sharing 7 mindset shifts to make as a content creator and business owner. It's easy as a creative to get caught in limiting beliefs and mindsets that actually self sabotage our journey. If you struggle with a business mindset then this episode is for you! 


I am also teaching you ways to shift your mindset so that you can attract and manifest your ideal audience as a creative. 

This episode is all about how to do shadow work and inner child healing. I am mentioning different childhood wounds and how we can do that self reflection and inner work. 


Often times our unhealed wounds can hold us back from manifesting. Do note that I am not a licensed therapist, always seek out professional help if necessary. Do not use this episode as a way to replace professional help. This episode is just me sharing what I learned through my own healing journey and going to therapy. 


Here is a link to 90 shadow work journal prompts:

Are you a content creator that has been feeling unmotivated and uninspired? Then this episode is for you! I am sharing some tips on how to get yourself out of a creative block so that you can feel motivated and inspired again! 


Grab a list of over 600 content ideas here:

Here is a blog post on how to find content ideas:


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If you struggle with fear of failure or feeling like a failure and self worth wounds then this episode is for you!

Today's episode is a vulnerable episode all about healing a self worth wound and dealing with an underlying fear of failure.

It's time to start showing up for yourself and realize that you actually aren't a failure at all! 



Today's episode is all about how to eliminate procrastination so that you can stay motivated to get what you need to get done! I am giving you some productivity tips for the new year! 


I am also offering 1 on 1 mindset & strategy sessions to help you bring your 2022 vision to life! If you are interested in hearing more about this, send me an email to 


Happy new year! 

Today's episode is all about how to be mindful of self guilt, shame and doubt so that you can step into a more confident self in the new year. Are you invalidating your own emotions? Here's why it's important to flip the script! 


Manifesting a confident YOU! 

What are the 12 laws of the universe? Today's episode is all about how you can manifest your desired reality by following the 12 laws of the universe. Using these laws can help you co-create with the universe and manifest abundance while shifting your reality! 


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Hello beautiful souls! This episode is all about how to set intentions that you will actually accomplish in the new year. I am also sharing ways to manifest the intentions that you set. 


You can also grab free intention setting worksheets for 2022 here!


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December 6, 2021

Signs & Synchronicities

In today's episode I am sharing my own personal experience with signs and synchronicities and how they have helped guide me along my spiritual journey. I also share my personal beliefs. This episode gets a bit philosophical so keep that in mind! This is just my own personal experience and beliefs and I respect everyone's beliefs, even if they differ from mine. I just hope this episode can help inspire others who may be on a similar journey!

Today's episode is all about how to become the main character of your own life because often times we let others control our life without realizing. I am sharing 7 ways you can step into main character energy! 

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