Today's episode is all about how I use astrology for self discovery, personal growth, healing and aligning myself with my higher, authentic self. Astrology can teach us so much about ourselves. Our natal chart points out our deepest wounds, lessons we had to learn (especially in childhood), where we might find our limiting beliefs, our career path, soul's purpose, past life, how our relationships are affected and so much more. So if you are intrigued, give it a listen!  


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June 23, 2021

How To Manifest Love

Do you want to know how to manifest love? Whether you are in a relationship or not, learn how to manifest your ideal partner or how to strengthen the current relationship you are in. 

How to break generational trauma and toxic cycles that you see repeating itself in your life. Discussing soul contracts and what our life on earth is really all about. A super spiritual conversation featuring insights that Dolores Cannon shared during her lifetime. 


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What is purpose? and how to find your life purpose. How to let go of your limiting beliefs and step into your authentic truth. Mindset tips.

A raw and vulnerable episode all about how to heal your inner child wounds so that you can live out your life as the most authentic version of you and find that inner peace within. 

How I changed my toxic habits, outgrowing my blog, finding my soul's purpose, and my spiritual journey. 

This episode is all about manifesting and changing your negative mindset! I share my manifesting experience and how I manifest a 6 figure income and new home in 2020. 


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January 15, 2020

Time Management For Bloggers

Time management for bloggers! How to manage your time as a blogger and accomplish your blogging goals. 


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January 2, 2020

10 Mindset Shifts To Make

Today's episode is about making mindset shifts to help you become that successful blogger you are meant to be! Don't let these 10 negative mindsets hold you back.


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An episode on 8 things bloggers/business owners should stop stressing in order to become re-inspired and motivated! What I learned from being burned out.

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